Pre-Mediation Phone Conference

$150 Fee includes an individual 30-minute Conference per spouse.

A Pre-Mediation Phone Conference is your opportunity for an in depth and completely confidential conversation regarding the issues, concerns, temperaments, facts and circumstances of your case.

Most divorces settle faster with a Pre-Mediation Phone Conference because the mediator understands what the true issues are – and what is really concerning you – right from the start. In confidence.

Without a Pre-Mediation Phone Conference, Graine Mediation still provides a free 15-minute Question & Answer Phone Conference about the nuts and bolts of mediation, mediation versus litigation, and the costs of settling your case with our firm.

Without a Pre-Mediation Conference, all details and background of your case will be gathered at the Mediation Session itself at Graine Mediation’s regular hourly rate ($325 per hour), in either joint or individual sessions.

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