A Look at Marriage and Alexithymia (the “Unfeeling” Personality)

1 min 30 sec read
Most people in relationships have felt, at one time or another, a lack of communication. A common gender trope has a woman griping to her friends, “He just won’t open up.” But it’s not always about the differences in genders. Sometimes a person doesn’t open up because they honestly don’t know what they’re feeling.

Is He Cheating Signs: 6 Factors Influencing Unfaithfulness

1 min 55 sec read
Is he cheating?  What are the signs? There are five factors that seem to have the greatest influence over whether a spouse will cheat. These factors are fairly intuitive and probably won't surprise many people.
Is He Cheating Signs | 6 Influencing Factors:
1. Good Looks, Charisma & Wealth 
Just like the peacock, men with beautiful plumes often get their choice of the peahen.