I highly recommend using Robin Graine as a mediator if both you and spouse can get past the emotion of divorce. Generally speaking it takes two to tango, perhaps one party was at fault "more" than the other, however, who cares. Once the relationship has run its course it is time to move forward, set your differences aside and talk through the best solution with Robin. I am not a fan of lawyers @ all, not saying they are all bad as I have learned to think more gray as I get older and wiser. I will say divorce lawyers are trained to placate on your emotion, placate more, until, well until you look down @ the bill and say OMG. Again, lawyers are trained to do this, it is there job. It's called free market capitalism on tender emotions - sign me up - lol!

I personally learned about myself from Robin, she asked very thought provoking questions that made me think, "what did I do wrong in the marriage." She was fair to both my x wife and myself. Lastly, she wrote an iron clad PSA and custody agreement. Give her a call, if you can keep the hard core emotions out of it!!!

John M. from Reston, VA

Google Review - April 2017