My spouse and I were very fortunate to have Robin's services during our divorce mediation. We knew this was the right avenue to work through our core issues together, and to avoid a lengthy, expensive (and bitter) legal process. However, we were worried that mediation might not solve our collective issues around custody and finances. Robin put our minds at ease from the start.

She is incredibly warm and engaging, yet also very firm toward efficiently moving through issues toward a mutually supported position. She is also fair - neither my spouse nor I felt slighted or unevenly represented at any point in the process.

She gave us both the time to explain positions, to encourage us to work together and only weigh in when appropriate to move us forward.

Finally, the terms document delivered has been an invaluable resource for us to reference and ensure we are moving forward under fair conditions.

Divorce is difficult - but it can be less bitter, costly, and drawn out through the support of an effective and trustworthy mediator. Robin fully delivered against our expectations and saved us a tremendous amount of money in the process.

I firmly recommend her for any couple interested in getting through this process as smartly as possible.

Ryan D. from McLean, VA

Google Review - Jun 2016