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Graine Mediation is a Supreme Court of Virginia Certified practice located in Fairfax, Virginia. Mediation offers divorcing couples an affordable and sensible alternative to divorce lawyers and litigation for all of their divorce settlement needs. Mediation is a calm, confidential process that utilizes methods for resolution that gently remove the emotional aspects of divorce from the negotiation process. This allows real progress to be made. Divorce mediation is significantly less expensive than litigated (court) divorces and it takes a fraction of time that lawyers use to settle a case.

We can help you find peace of mind in a very unsettling time. Contact us today for an appointment.

Graine Mediation Specializes in Serving Military Divorce or other family law cases involving military personnel which present unique challenges that often require the assistance of a ‘military divorce lawyer’ - an attorney with specialized knowledge of military family law.

Graine Mediation

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