6 Positive Impacts of Divorce on Children

Estimated Reading Time: 3min 7sec

Your divorce may impact your children in a variety of ways. That impact depends on your children's emotional make-up and their previous experiences.

Equally important is and how the people around your children -- especially you and the other parent -- react to the divorce and provide comfort and support to your children through this turbulent time.

When Divorce Forces the Stay at Home Mom to Choose Daycare

Estimated Reading Time: 3 min 13 sec

There has been a great deal of research demonstrating that high quality daycare is beneficial to children's emotional and intellectual development.

1. Language and cognitive development: Studies have found that children in higher quality childcare tend to have better language and cognitive development during the first 4.5 years.

Will Coronavirus Isolation be the Last Straw in Your Marriage?

Estimated Reading Time: 5 min read

Months of quarantine under the current stay-at-home orders will test the strongest of relationships—some people may even consider getting the virus a more appealing alternative. Even people who have wonderful marriages are concerned their spouses may drive them crazy by the end of it.

Extra Marital Affair Ruining Your Marriage?

2 min 50 sec read
As the 37 million people who were hacked on Ashley Madison in 2015 can attest, extra marital affairs are rampant. A study published in 2011 confirmed that one in five of the 1,000 people surveyed had cheated on their spouses. What is going on? From what I have seen and heard in my divorce mediation practice, marriages end when couples forget to nurture one another.

A Look at Marriage and Alexithymia (the “Unfeeling” Personality)

1 min 30 sec read
Most people in relationships have felt, at one time or another, a lack of communication. A common gender trope has a woman griping to her friends, “He just won’t open up.” But it’s not always about the differences in genders. Sometimes a person doesn’t open up because they honestly don’t know what they’re feeling.

Signs He Will Change

1 min 40 sec read
You're looking for the signs he will change -- but thinking you can change your partner is a classic pitfall in many marriages. Though you can sometimes learn to deal with the foibles and flaws of your partner, some disagreeable habits and personality traits of your spouse can become too much to take, and you wind up in the divorce mediator or lawyer’s office.