Why Do Middle-Aged and Older Men Seek Divorce?

The divorce rate for middle aged and older men has increased significantly since the 1990s. Every third person who gets divorced in the US is older than 50. Even more astounding is that one out of every ten people getting a divorce is 65+.

As a divorce mediator, here are the reasons that I hear all the time, from my older male clients, as to why they feel compelled to divorce their wives and voluntarily step into the world of single silver-haired people.

Why Are More Older Couples Getting Divorced?

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There are 4 primary reasons why older couples are getting divorced.

Seeking relief from boredom is a big cause of divorce for silver-haired spouses. When an older couple is getting divorced, known as a “gray divorce”, one or both of the partners is often looking to relieve what they feel is a boring life.