Six Phases of Divorce Emotions

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Divorce is a shock to the system even if getting divorced was your idea. When it finally becomes a reality that your marriage is ending, it is common to feel even more unbalanced than your spouse in coping with divorce emotions. Divorce-triggered emotions fall into three groups: anger and revenge, guilt and shame, and fear and anxiety, as pointed out by Lorena Cardama of Thrive Global.

Divorce Mediation as Affordable Alternative to Divorce Lawyer Settlements

GRAINE MEDIATION – DIVORCE SETTLEMENT MEDIATOR – AFFORDABLE NORTHERN VA DIVORCE LAWYER ALTERNATIVE. Simply put, mediation is much less expensive than litigation. There is only one mediator fee as opposed to two attorney fees. The hourly fees, too, are often less than attorneys fees. Mediators focus on helping you SETTLE — not on expensive divorce strategies and court appearances.

Signs He Will Change

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You're looking for the signs he will change -- but thinking you can change your partner is a classic pitfall in many marriages. Though you can sometimes learn to deal with the foibles and flaws of your partner, some disagreeable habits and personality traits of your spouse can become too much to take, and you wind up in the divorce mediator or lawyer’s office.

Why Marriages Fail

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These three truths are the primary sad seeds of why marriages fail at such an alarming rate in our culture:

Most people rate personal happiness on a higher scale then they do the preservation of their marriage;
Many men and women are unwilling to appreciate their spouses for who they are and how their spouse’s basic gender differences are (most probably) permanent fixtures in their spouse’s personality;
Our culture’s focus on individuality and the belief, by many, that we can have full lives, even absent living within a traditional family structure.

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Can an Ugly Divorce Cause PTSD?

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You don't have to go through war to end up with the terrifying and extraordinarily discerning symptoms of PTSD. A divorce -- especially one where you weren't prepared for the news -- can shock you to the core, leave you short of breath, and make you feel like you are losing your mind.

Is He Cheating Signs: 6 Factors Influencing Unfaithfulness

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Is he cheating?  What are the signs? There are five factors that seem to have the greatest influence over whether a spouse will cheat. These factors are fairly intuitive and probably won't surprise many people.
Is He Cheating Signs | 6 Influencing Factors:
1. Good Looks, Charisma & Wealth 
Just like the peacock, men with beautiful plumes often get their choice of the peahen.