What Do Kids Want When Their Parent’s Get Divorced?

What Do Kids Want When Their Parent’s Get Divorced?

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When parents get divorced, kids don’t count the days or hours in the custody schedule. Instead, they often worry about all of kinds of things most adults never even consider. For example:

  • Who will kiss my pet turtle goodnight when I am at Dad’s house?
  • How will Santa know where I am sleeping on Christmas?
  • Can I paint my new bedroom any color I want?

Once your children have their “logistical and technical” questions answered, what they really want, when their parents get divorced, is this:

Mother and Father playing with their kids

Kids want to feel unconditional love from both parents.

Daughter calling her dad while visiting mom

Kids want to feel that their parents are a team in raising them.

Son holding teddy bear while her parents argue

Kids hate it when their parents fight.

Father leaving marital residence after visiting his daughter.

Kids love to see their parents together and getting along.

Child upset about changes in last minute plans

Kids don’t like a lot of changes at the last minute.

Daughter stuck in the middle of her parents

Kids don’t want to be stuck in the middle.

Siblings playing together

Kids just want to be kids.