Drafting Divorce Settlement Agreements with Teenagers in Mind

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When you are negotiating the custody & visitation portion of your Divorce Settlement Agreement, you will need to keep teenagers in mind, even if your children are still very young.  As any parent of a teenager will tell you, your kids will become young adults before you know it.

Children in Divorce: What Experts Say You Can Teach Your Children

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If you model good communication with your spouse during a divorce, it can be a helpful lesson to your children. It will help them learn how to handle life's conflicts in the long run. Children in divorce do much better and are more secure when they feel their parents are managing "grown-up" life issues in a "grown-up" way.

6 Methods to Effectively Co-Parent After a Nasty Divorce

Every divorcing parent has heard the same thing: You have to learn to get along with your ex… for the sake of the kids. Of course, that’s easy for them to say. They don’t have to deal with your crazy/spiteful/narcissistic ex.

In these days of shared child custody, also known as co-parenting, parents often end up having to communicate more about their kids after divorce than they ever did while they were married.

Child Support Income Determinations – Virginia Divorce

For purposes of calculating Child Support in a Virginia divorce, gross income is what is used (not net, not AGI, nor anything else). The term “gross income” is very broadly interpreted. It includes, but is not limited to:

Severance Pay
Trust Income
Capital Gains
Social Security Benefits (can be complicated)
Workers Compensation Benefits
Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Disability Insurance Benefits (can be complicated)
Veterans Benefits
Spousal Support received
Rental Income

Gross income does NOT include:

Benefits from most Public Assistance programs
SSI benefits
Child Support received
Income received by payor for secondary employment where that income is being obtained specifically to discharge a child support arrearage established by a court or administrative order and the payor is actually paying that arrearage.

How Does Divorce and Shared Custody Impact Children?

Just like all major life events, divorce and shared (not necessarily 50/50) custody affects children differently. The impact depends on the child’s emotional make-up, resiliency, life experiences (age-effected) and how the people around them react to and comfort them through what is almost always a very saddening experience (even when the marriage was terrible).

There is no doubt that divorce, and splitting up a child’s custody, will have a great effect on that child in many ways.